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We’re Quality
Laundry Provider
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Waschsalon proudly offers Abu Dhabi Laundry services to the residents and commercial laundry needs all over Abu Dhabi. We have a down-to-earth 24/7 customer support team which makes us the best laundry service in Dubai. Your laundry is done right by our professionally trained team. We pickup, perfectly clean & deliver your laundry on time. We make sure that our fleet of delivery vehicles reaches you on time and hence they are always monitored and tracked until they confirm that the order is delivered safely.

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We have an excellent customer friendly team, who politely handle your pickup requests or any other queries as and when you need. You may order a laundry pickup anywhere in Abu Dhabi, whether it be your home or workplace. We will be right there at your convenient location with our most affordable laundry service to help you always, keeping in mind your busy schedule. Placing an order has been made so easy for you to leave the difficult part for us to take care of!

Founded in 2000


Waschsalon is Quality Laundry Provider in Abu Dhabi.

  • Our Aim
  • Complimentary Pickup & Delivery
Our goal is you’re 100% satisfied with our service. We pay all our attention to make you look perfect and stand out in any occasion. We can assure you about the quality and cleanliness of the clothes you get back. Our prices are kept reasonable and affordable, yet we determinedly never compromise on quality. If you are looking for a Dry cleaner near you then look no further than Waschsalon.
Waschsalon is highly trusted by customers and offers free pickup and delivery service in Dubai. We cover locations all over Dubai. Our expert fleet staff are available around your area and ready to serve you promptly.
Our Services List

Waschsalon provides
the following services in Abu Dhabi:

Laundry and
Dry Cleaning

(Sofa, Mattress etc) Cleaning



How We Works

Follow 4 Easy Steps

Collect Dirty Clothes

Step 01

Choose Pickup Time

Step 02

We’ll Clean & Dry

Step 03

Deliver to Doorstep

Step 04

Please Call Us to Take an Extraordinary Service

Why Choose Abu Dhabi Laundry Services

Why Our Customers
Choose Us?

We Are Experts

Save your time and energy for a simple and laundry free living and get back to doing the things that matter most in life.

Leading Technologies

We reach you with a free laundry pickup and next day delivery service


We are always ready and available with great rates and offer which is yet another reason to opt us.

Online payment

Easily pay online or by card

Tracking process

Your laundry is continuously tracked and monitored from the time of pickup to delivery for giving you the best laundry service in town

Trust and Secure

Last but not the least you can trust us to take care of your laundry until it reaches you
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