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What is wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning is done using water and eco-friendly detergents in our specialised computer controlled machines. Clothes are very softly agitated, cleaned and dried at very specific temperatures, allowing us to customize the wet cleaning process for each item. After the clothes are cleaned, they are dried and later pressed and packed to perfection.

Wet cleaning machines have controls that allow them to safely and efficiently clean a wide variety of garments in water.

Hand washing

Some of the fabrics are extremely delicate that it would get damaged if machine washed. In such case, we carefully sort them and wash them manually by hand and allow them dry naturally.

The Waschsalon- Laundry

Benefits of Wet cleaning

  • No chemical odours or residue;
  • Clean, Refreshing and smells great;
  • Makes clothes feel softer and look more vibrant;
  • Kind to sensitive skin;
  • Safe for your clothing;
  • Milder than home laundry products;
  • Brighter, vibrant colors without fading;
  • Whiter whites;
  • Efficiently removes organic stains like sweat, urine and mildew better than dry-cleaning;
  • More energy efficient and produces no toxic waste or air pollution;
  • Gentle on the environment.
The Waschsalon- Laundry

When to choose wet cleaning?

Laundry or wet cleaning which uses a lot of water and detergent, is the preferred method for cleaning casual and daily wear, like t-shirts and cotton or polyester fabrics.

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What is the difference between wet cleaning and Dry-cleaning?

While wet cleaning is done using water and eco-friendly detergents, dry-cleaning is done without water but a special eco-friendly solvent. While Dry cleaning more efficiently removes stubborn stains, wet cleaning preserves the color of the fabric much longer. Another difference is that dry-cleaning is a bit expensive and wet cleaning is much cheaper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Waschsalon- Laundry
  • By when will I get my laundry delivery?

    Perfectly cleaned clothes are cleaned, pressed and packed for delivery in 48 hours.

  • Do you wash my clothes with other peoples clothes?

    We take special care in maintaining high standards of hygiene and so we do not mix your clothes with others while washing. We treat every customer clothes individually.

  • What will you do if my clothes are damaged while I receive them?

    Our specialised laundry team will take utmost care in handling your clothes. But unfortunately if you find any garment damaged, we will compensate your loss appropriately. We understand that the liability of any garment is not limited, according to our company policy we will try our best to sort out the issue the effective way.

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