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Curtain Cleaning Service In Dubai

Curtains can often be the last thing that you will consider cleaning on a regular basis if at all. They can often be forgotten and you will be surprised how much Dirt and Dust your curtains can gather. You probably won’t even notice just how dirty they are until you do decide to clean them.

Dusty and Dirty curtains are the ones which you would not like to have in your living space. The one thing you would avoid touching fearing that it may spread dust all over. Get your curtains tested occasionally for any gathered dust by just hitting it with your palm. If you feel that you are breathing in those allergic dust particles flying from your drapes and curtains, don’t wait to hire a professional curtain cleaner like us. A professional deep curtain cleaner will get your curtains lively again allowing you to breath fresh air.

Regular curtain cleaning service in Dubai will extend the life of your investment and help keep your home environment hygienic as well as beautiful.

Dry cleaning curtains is the most effective way to rid your curtains of accumulated dust, dirt and allergens. Whether it’s a single pair of curtains or elaborate swags and tails, we have the expertise to restore them to their former glory. Our specialist curtain cleaning service removes the microscopic particles to create a healthier and cleaner environment. We dry clean your curtains according to their specific care label instructions and hand finish them, giving you the best results possible. We also provide a convenient on-site curtain cleaning service in situations where you are unable to remove your permanently fixed curtains. We are there to help you in either ways to get the dirt out of your curtains.

Now you get the best curtain cleaner near you, that gives you the best curtain dry cleaning in Dubai, just a click away. Our technicians are knowledgeable and fully qualified to carry out curtain cleaning professionally. We use professional equipment that allows cleaning your curtains while they are hanging in place. Here are some methods of how we clean Curtains. We could hopefully give you some peace of mind and courage to clean your curtains more often.

The Waschsalon- Laundry

Benefits of Steam cleaning

  • 100% No shrinkage;
  • 100% eco-friendly;
  • No risk of color runs;
  • Gentle on fabrics;
  • Anti dust mite and Germ free;
  • Service is quick and efficient;
  • Economic.
The Waschsalon- Laundry

On-Site Steam Cleaning

This method is very quick, efficient and eco-friendly. Our professionally trained team is fully equipped with the latest equipment required for a powerful steam cleaning. The specialized steam vacuum cleaners effectively cleans and sanitizers the curtains without the need to remove your curtains from its place. Steam cleaners can quickly kill 100% of all dust mites and free your curtains of allergens.

Off-Site Curtain Cleaning

In off-site cleaning we remove your curtains, pick it up, clean them by full immersion method, allow them dry, pack them neatly, deliver to your home and also re install them to its original position. Here is a quick description of our process

Pre Inspection : Our professional curtain cleaners first come and inspect the curtain fabric and check dye bleed to help choose the correct cleaning method.

Remove them: Our team then remove the curtains from its place and takes it with them for cleaning process.

Curtain Vacuuming : We ensure all dust and dirt is removed prior to any wash treatments.

Pre Spotting : We use specialist spot and stain removal techniques to ensure the very best results.

Full Immersion Wash : Combined with water and wash detergents ensuring your curtains are protected, we use eco-friendly products for curtain cleaning.

Drying : We ensure that the curtains are well dried naturally

Delivery : Your product is delivered back to you, we also re-hang your newly cleaned curtains for you.

Why is it important to clean my curtains?

After all the busy chores of daily living, curtain cleaning would seem a difficult task and be neglected for months or even years. This will allow all the dust mites, allergens and dirt to build up over time.

Dirt and dust mites in curtains can cause unpleasant symptoms for many people and is it is recommended that curtains receive a professional clean every 3-6 months. If someone in your house suffers from allergies and you have pets and young children, even more frequent cleaning may be necessary.

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