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Steam Pressing Service In Dubai

Ironing clothes has been an age old tradition generations back and yet now. Today we see everyone busy in their own lives and career has become a prime focus. As a result many essential household chores are now being outsourced. Therefore ironing in Dubai has become a growing demand.

Steam ironing service in Dubai

Having a smart team of professional steam presser, Waschsalon is proud to offer you the perfect steam pressing in Dubai, delivering you a reliable, on time, affordable and customer friendly service.

What is Dry iron and Steam ironing?

Dry iron is ironing without the use of steam. All clothes cannot be dry ironed. Its depends upon the fabric to decide which needs dry or steam iron. The kind of fabrics that require dry iron are woollen, polyester, satin, nylon, rayon etc. Steam ironing machine has a water boiler attached to it to produce steam while ironing. Steam ironing is perfect for cotton, linen, velvet, corduroy etc.

Our professionals at Waschsalon knows exactly what kind of ironing is required for the clothes that you give. Depending on the kind of material, we decide, work on it and deliver you the best of all ironing services in Dubai.

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Why choose us for ironing service in Dubai?

  • Order pickup Online/Call/WhatsApp
  • On-time free pickup and delivery
  • Professional flawless ironing
  • Affordable rates
  • Absolute satisfaction worth the price
  • Customer care support
  • Does steam ironing shrink clothes?

    Yes it can. If steam ironing is done to any fabric that shouldn’t be steam ironed, it could shrink. Get it done only by professionals like us.

  • Do you charge steam ironing more than dry iron?

    No. Our rates for all kinds of ironing are the same. Please refer our pricelist for detailed prices.

  • When can I get my ironed clothes delivered?

    Your ironing order will be delivered in 24 hours.

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