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We offer the best professional dry-cleaning service in Abu Dhabi. Every work we do is done the right way by well trained professionals and this allows us to deliver the highest level of Quality and customer satisfaction. We strictly follow the fabric manufacturers instructions for laundry and dry-cleaning service in Abu Dhabi, so as to avoid any garment damage. Dry-clean is done for delicate fabrics and effective stain removal. We take pride in our unique blend of specialist knowledge, quality craftsmanship, exemplary care, cutting-edge and green technologies in providing the best dry-cleaning in Abu Dhabi. At Waschsalon, we strive to ensure our environmental impact is kept to a minimum. We use carefully selected eco-friendly solutions in all the cleaning process. We work to serve you the best laundry solution in Abu Dhabi and maintain our quality at all times to be the best drycleaner in Abu Dhabi. We also provide free pickup and home delivery at your preferred location. By now you can put an end to searching for an affordable drycleaner in Abu Dhabi.

What exactly is dry-cleaning?

Dry-cleaning is the process of cleaning a garment with an organic solvent, without using water. Dry-cleaning is best used for clothes preservation. Therefore preserve your wedding gowns and other delicate stuff which you take out once in a while by giving them to a professional drycleaner like us.

What type of clothes can be dry-cleaned?

Not all clothes need to be dry-cleaned. To name a few fabrics like formal shirts and suits, wedding wear, silk, woollen, leather, heavy embroidery and delicate materials are to be dry-cleaned.

Does dry-cleaning ruin clothes?

Absolutely not. There is a need to worry while giving some delicate clothes for wash only, which may end up shrinking or spilling colors. Dry-cleaning never damages clothes, rather it preserves them. Call us for dry-cleaning in Abu Dhabi and we will be right there at your doorstep. We return your perfectly dry-cleaned clothes to your doorstep in 48 hours. We also provide dry-cleaning delivery service free of cost.

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