Wash And Fold Laundry Service

No time to wash your clothes?

Laundry often keeps piling up and takes a back seat when we are busy trying to keep up with other chores of life. You are just 2 minutes away from never doing laundry again.

Spend no time on laundry and more time focusing on your busy to-do list, spending time with your family, or just enjoying some hard-earned relaxation.

Our Wash and fold bag helps you clean your daily wear conveniently and easily at affordable rates. So fill it up as much as you can and keep yourself stress-free. The wash, dry and fold bag is ideal for cleaning t-shirts, shorts, trousers, linen, undergarments, gym wear etc.

Question Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my clothes be washed with other customer’s clothes?

    Every customer clothes are treated and washed individually as we never compromise on hygiene and cleanliness.

  • Can I put dry-cleaning clothes in wash and fold bag?

    Dry-clean clothes are to be dry-cleaned separately so we will be charging the item for dry-cleaning.

  • Should I separate color clothes and whites in wash and fold bag?

    We will sort the colors and whites and wash it separately so you need just fill up the bag with whatever you have.

  • Will my clothes be ironed in wash and fold service?

    We wash, dry and fold your clothes and pack it neatly. Ironing should be done separately and is not included in Wash and fold bag service.

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